Alan Morel


Spanish, TypeScript, Next.js, JavaScript, Tailwind, React, Docker, Jotai, MDX, Recoil, Redux, Vitest, memcached, redis, pino, vite, Vue, Prisma, GraphQL, Express, Jest, Node, AWS (S3, CloudFront, Route 53, SES), Webpack, Saas, nginx, Java, C#, Python, MongoDB, PHP, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Sass, Storybook


  • Dotdash Meredith, Senior Software Engineer II
    • Work on an agile team building responsive websites using a component-based front end framework.
    • Collaborate closely with designers, product, QA, and others, to develop beautiful products and features.
    • Mentor other engineers to help bring them up to speed and facilitate knowledge transfer.
    • Pride myself on writing clean, scalable, and maintainable code that is cross-browser compatible.
    • Write technical articles for the company tech blog and documentation on internal Confluence instance.
    • Actively identify, prioritize, and eliminate tech debt to ensure health of codebase remains high.
    • Created and maintain the much-loved 'Dashy the Dog' Slack bot in JavaScript, deployed on AWS.
    • Led the engineering team to re-write Dotdash Meredith's site in Vue, Nuxt, and Prismic CMS.
  • Catchpoint Systems, Front End Engineer Intern
    • Developed Catchpoint’s DEX Sonar chrome extension, available on the Google Web Store. It uses Chrome APIs to asynchronously extract data and display useful metrics about the current tab.
    • Worked with the product team to implement new features on their ASP.NET-based services.
    • Created migration tool in C# to export data from Rally to their new agile development software provider.
  • New York University, Website Developer
    • Led NYU’s new digital diversity efforts, including a new web service which highlights student and faculty excellence, and coordinated directly with university officials to get ideas implemented university-wide.
    • Revamped NYU's online diversity section using their instance of Adobe's Communique 5 CMS.


  • is a publisher where I write high-quality classes, tutorials, and resources on web development and tech. My content reaches thousands of people a day across the site and shares on social media..
  • is a Vue-powered e-commerce platform to discover, buy, and sell music and beats. Content uploaded by users is stored securely on an AWS S3 bucket and served by Amazon Cloudfront..
  • Aria is a React front-end CMS designed for private servers of the MMORPG game game MapleStory..
  • WASD With Me is a Node-powered social network created to meet and play with gamers. The app is deployed on Heroku and uses mutliple different gaming APIs to pull gamer libraries and other data..
  • Zhigly is an ASP.NET service aimed at college students that allows you to buy buy or sell items, browse upcoming events, search for jobs/internships/opportunities, look for housing, and much more..
  • Trumpulse is an Angular single-page application that aggregates data from multiple news sources so you can remain an informed and empowered citizen. Available on the web and Google Play for Android..


  • New York University, College of Arts and Science
    Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science, Minor in Web Programming and Applications, 3.61 GPA